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Hi! my name is Bernie ,I am from the UK and an rc builder and flyer, I normally build largish models around the 60 to 80 wingspan and ic powered ,I do have a couple of electric models one is a scale exsperimental german ww2 jet fighter .The other is an auto gyro .I am at present building a 6ft wingspan vintage " FIRE BRAND "but just for fun I want to build the crop ?sorry forgot the name iit's from the Disney planes.I will build it from plan as to send all the way to the USA is to exspensive.


Hostage Taker of Quads
Welcome to the forum, Bernie!

Feel free to hang around and jump in the conversations anywhere!

"Dusty" (or the FT Duster, as the plans call it) is a nice little electric model -- surprisingly nice lines for such a simple a build! Compared to your 60" planes, it'll seem tiny, but with the right power system it'll keep up with the big boys well enough and still makes a great back-seat-of-the-car flyer.