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New Brit signing in here, looking into doing some Decal work!

Heya, thanks for clicking!

I've been interested with aviation and artsy stuff since a very early age, and still at the age of 21 this enjoyment is still going strong!

Want to start off by saying a big thanks to the whole FT team both past, present, and future. You guys got me back into this side of aviation and stronger than ever. (Even managed to pull a few friends from uni too!)

Bought an F959 Sky King from eBay last summer and it has been an almost perfect trainer, virtually un-killable (yet), and has allowed many of my friends to have a go without the worry of damaging an expensive plane. Which I feel is exactly what you guys at FT try to promote. (99% sure it's the same airframe and motor as the Sky Cruiser 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IotCZW-IhlQ)

Moving on from this trainer, due to the price of shipping the foamboard over I picked some up from the local Hobbycraft and started work on a modified FT Bronco to look more like the real OV-10B using some shapes and pieces from an old Community Swappable OV-10 - http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?15423-Swappable-OV-10
Wish I could glue it all together, but as it needs to be transported across country it'll be staying as a flat-pack for the most part until then. Really can't wait to slap a double C pack on her to race around the Swansea beaches!


As I can't really update the build any further, I've decided to give a go at doing some decals for you guys in my spare time, so I guess in short my questions are:

Is it normal to start a build-thread a while before it's likely to be completed?
And, Where would I post in regards to Decals?

Thanks for reading this far, I appreciate your time, and look forward to hearing from / seeing you guys around

- Hayday


Wake up! Time to fly!
Welcome to Flite test mate,

You are more the welcome to start a build thread and introduce what you will be doing. Then just update it as you make progress. Many people have build threads going for months due to life and time constraints when they are actually able to do things.

As for decal stuffs there is already an open thread here that you can tag into instead of starting anew one. You are also welcome to start your own if you have "special" things you can or wish to do away from "General" decal things.