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New Edge 540 Build

Hello all,

I had an FT Edge 540 speed build kit lying around. Had issues with the original speed build kit I bought so FT sent me a complete replacement kit. I flew the original speed build kit and crashed and repaired it many times. finally the original edge died and it was time to build the replacement. I built the 540 air frame and had extra electronics left over from other planes. I used a 650 kv motor that swings a 12” prop. The plane is pretty nose heavy. I can add weight to the tail but wonder how the cg will affect the planes flight. I know through the build videos nose heavy is way better than tail heavy.


WWII fanatic
Yes nose heavy is typically better, if you're having fun cruising around the way it is right now, you don't really need to change the cg, if you want to do some more extreme 3d maneuvers you'll need to shift the cg back.
It’s a new build and I haven’t maidened it yet. The motor is huge compared to the recommended (which I think was under powered). Cant wait to fly it and see how it goes. Thanks for the response.

The Hangar

Fly harder!
Yeah, nose heavy is good for a maiden and for someone who is relativity new to 3D flying. I fly my edge tail heavy (it balances behind the last crease on the wing) and it makes for some really good aerobatics but if you're not 100% comfortable flying it with the stock CG it'll most likely end in a crash...