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I finally decided to stick my toes into FPV. Have flown RC for many years and picked it back up last year with a DJI Inpire. What I really look forward to is expanding my skills with the smaller faster more fun FPV setups.
I'm starting with two quads; A Graupner Alpha250Q and a Lumenier 250. The hard part was the transmitter. I decided to go the Graupner route with the 9ch Mz-18 for my multi AC go-to transmitter. I also have a leftover Frsky 6ch elftover from a3DR X8 that took a swim in saltwater.

So far, I've flown the Alpha 250 through 10 batteries LOS and really do like the platform. Just finished pairing my first Fatshark dominator to the Alpha and will head out for my first FPV goggle flight this weekend.