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New micro-sailplane balsa kit


Wake up! Time to fly!
Can I poke you with a stick for a learning oppertunity?

Isnt that kind of contradictory callin it a mico sail plane?

From the little I know about them they are usually made with large wings to grab the air.

Also micro anything in wind = bad from what I picked up in the forums over time.

You are a big glider guy maybe teach a bit how and why this little plane fits in that catagory?

Maybe a good topic for another community cast?


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Micros have helped me fly better. why well they are much more challenging to Soar because of their size/weigth but in light wind and low lift they will fly longer then a 2 meter because of their size/weight. you can thermal them in a baseball diamond with ease. they cost a fraction of a 2 meter and they take a rough landing better again due to their size/weight. here is four that i have designed and Red's original wanderer that started it all most of these range from 40 to 55 grams