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New pilot


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Just bought the ft cub. I like the way it looks. Probably should have started with the tiny trainer. I will be asking many questions . Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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I haven't built the cub but if I recall correctly you might want to prop up the leading edge of the wing a little to make her easier to fly. I think that was a suggestion from @Hai-Lee ?


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So...after gluing several pieces together the dog decides to eat my homework. Bad dog! Baaad dog. Well ive never made a foam board plane but it is easier to glue a kit than it is to cut raw foam board. The parts in the kit are really clean and straight. I bought some foam and it is not as easily cut as bixler makes it look in his videos. Kudo's to Josh's steady hand.
How much tolerance for error is acceptable . My new parts are close but not as nice as in the kit. It will be 3 channel . A true beginner. I don't want my two tone Cub to die because my lines aren't as true as the kits. Everything is fitting together with a bit of trim here and a nip there. I would assume if it's close it's ok?
How is your day going?



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Close enough is OK, but things like the wing dihedral and airfoil being equal both sides, the tail and vertical stabiliser being at 90deg to each other/fuselage are flight critical as is using as little glue as possible, especially on the tail and fuselage.
Clean cuts are done with a good steel rule and very sharp cutting blades. Bevel cuts are particularly hard with anything but a totally fresh knife, you can use a steel rule set 1/4” or less back from the cut to steady the blade and make a nice true edge. Rolling exposed foam edges with an iron is a nice detail too.