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New Scratch Build Idea For FliteTest


My name is Jonathan Hanson from Unalakleet, Alaska. I Love the designs that you guys come up with for scratch build swappable planes. They are amazingly simple and just flat out fun to build and fly. My suggestion to you guys for a future swappable is a piper/super cub or something along the lines of that. maybe a taylor craft style? Basically just one of those classics that we all know everyone loves. I feel like it would be a hit among the cub lovers out there.


This one was a serious inspiration from the article posted by 'RadioControlledNL' called "mini old fogey". Not sure if it's something you guys would have interest in taking more seriously but I was inspired to create a "mini swappable series" using the thinner 1/8th inch foam board and scaled down plans of all the swappables. Also the smaller size BBQ skewers would seem perfect for the application. I find the 1/8th inch foam board at Blanes art supply here in Alaska. You could maybe even do speed build kits of the mini's. I feel like it would be a huge hit. no pun intended. If you feel like it isn't practical, maybe it can just be mentioned on the show to spark an inspiration or idea in others like it did for me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. let me know what you guys think about the ideas. Also, I'm pretty new to the web page and the forum and so far I love it! Thanks guys. more to come.


Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Valdez. Just got back from a week trip to Kodiak and found melting snow and sun with no wind, time to break out the big models. Is that nitro fuel I smell? Yes, yes it is.
haha yeah buddy! i converted a little hobbyzone supercub LP to nitro. covered it with econokote after shortening and flattening the wing. also added flaperons and some carbon fiber strength as well. its powered by an old OS .15. the thing rips man. i love nitro.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Dude, that's awesome! You should definitely post lots of pictures and video if you have it of that. That would get some gears turning.