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New scratch build spitfire.

Had an idea of making a lite but strong spitfire. Ill keep posting updates on progress, but my idea comes from a P51 glow plane I have that won many awards from SIG where the fuselage is just one whole center piece and a light material makes the body. With its center very strong to handle the pull of the motor and bracing at the wings. Its a theory for foam electric but it's going to be fun to test.


Today so far since I'm making this my own design its taking a while to plan all the ways to do my linkages and controls. I am in a critical thinking more right now. I was wondering if anyone have any drawings or plans of lite but strong one servo flap controller and guide. I have a few ideas just wanted to see if anyone else had a better idea. But almost got one retract in and braced. Then ill install the control surfaces and then start working on the body.