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New STEM Store vs Amain FT Store

I saw the release video for the new STEM BasiX products with the link in the description to the new STEM store. I have noticed in the past few weeks after discovering Flite Test and ordering some things that the main Flite Test site is run by Amain. My account was the same and order history is shared. The STEM store looks like it is a different site completely with a different login. I like getting AMain loyalty points, but did not see the new BasiX product in the Amin Flite Test store. I was wondering if the Flite Test team had a preference for where they wanted there customers to purchase products, if one was better for them than the other. We were building a Tiny Trainer with my son as a first RC plane for him and first Flite Test project for both of us ( I have not flown RC in 15+ years ). Was thinking about picking up the BasiX kit as a better starting point to fly before we destroy the Tiny Trainer!