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Newbie flying goals


Knower of useless information
I don't know how much this will help, but for those learning to fly, I offer some goals to shoot for:

1) Smooth takeoffs. Takeoffs should involve a little bit of rolling up to full throttle for takeoff; it will make leaving the ground a smoother flight and get you airborne much easier than banging the throttle to full stick. One of the reasons for this is wind against the rudder on most planes; it will actually push the plane to one side, whereas I've found that a smooth roll onto the throttle negates that a bit. In addition, with some of the faster planes, you learn more throttle control, and what you need to be at to make smooth approaches.

2) Work on keeping the plane level through your turns. If you are dipping over when you make a turn, you may be making it too sharp, and may need to actually pull back on the stick to keep it from nosing over, or apply a bit of rudder if you're flying 4 channel. Doing a smooth, level flight will also help you to learn how to make minute corrections for things like wind gusts or little bits of turbulence.

3) Landing - start by making long approaches, into the wind. This will give you a bit of a natural braking method, while still keeping air moving over the plane's wings, thus making landings a little easier. And on the landings that you're doing, don't be afraid to make a LONG landing. If you're flying at a field with a runway, do NOT be afraid to use the entire runway! As you start flying faster things like warbirds (i.e., Mustangs, P-40s, etc.) or EDF jets, they WILL require longer landing areas. If you can make nice, long approaches, it's a lot easier on the airframe with a light touch rather than a dive and yank for the stall at the last minute. Also, if you're flying the same plane consistently, try to touch down at the same location each time. If you're flying off of say, a soccer field? Try to get your wheels to touch at the center line of the field each time. Shoot for it as a goal, but if you go over a little, that's fine too. Just try to be consistent, and you'll find yourself smoothing out. :) And you can always make it a game; our club does "shuffleboard" where everyone flies Versa Wings, and makes an approach to try and land closest an X on the runway. Whoever gets the closest, wins the round. :)

4) HAVE FUN WITH YOUR FLYING!!! I see so many people learning to fly and they get so nervous and panicky. Your hands WILL shake at first. You'll be a little sweaty as you try to land, or pull some sort of aerobatic move, or even think your plane is out of sight and out of control. If they land, or crash, they're on the verge of swearing off flying ever again. Is that really fun for you where you hate flying? No! ENJOY flying, and learn. There is ALWAYS something to learn while flying, even if you crash and burn. Just don't be like me where you overanalyze every little bit of flight and think, "I should've done this," or "I should've made THAT maneuver; it would've saved it." Sometimes, you just can't save it.

Hopefully these goals are things to shoot for, for anyone learning to fly - and feel free to take them as great advice or with a grain of salt. :) I know my opinion is worth about as much as a McDonald's value meal. :ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO:
Great post. I have actually tried a few of your suggestions. I fly at an open field with rough grass and light posts every 100 ft or so. I try to navigate around the posts but often times nail them. My depth perception is off. I also have not got the hang of landing smoothly. Belly planes are no problem but wheels are.