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Hi all!

For a few weeks i'm watching FT youtube video's now. I'am an aviation enthousiast with not so much experience. I inherited this passion from my granddad who is not among us for many years now. Some years ago I started with a mini Mosquito RC helicopter. After a few years and some mosquito models I bought a larger 3ch heli. This was a chinese model that was not so easy to fly. So I selled it and parked my passion for a while.

Last year I wanted to start with RC airplanes and bought a Flyzone P-38 lightning model. This was not a succes because this plane was to responsive for me as a beginner. I had some flying but spent more time repairing it. Thanks to FT I know now it is best to start with a polyhidral trainer plane with 3ch controls.

This year I bought a H8 mini quadcopter and I'm still having a LOT of fun with it. After I improved my skills to a higher level for a few months now I started thinking about a 250 sized quadcopter. But with the crashed P38 at the attic I had some parts and wondered if i could use those parts to build a quadcopter with it.

Some weeks ago I stumbled on FT youtube videos and it caught me. (thanks to the very skillfull and passionate hosts) As a designer and a teacher of arts and crafts, the free build plans attracted me so much to I want to try to design and make a 4ch 2 engined trainer myself.

Because the P38 parts are designed for a micro indoor park plane I want to design a micro FT Guinea Pig trainer myself. If you have any helpfull idea's please let me know in your reply's.


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I'm not certain, but i think your p38 power system will be far too small for the Mini Guinea. Scaling that down even further could be very challenging, but with foamboard so cheap, it's worth a try!