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NEXT Project. CL-415


Fly yes... land no.
My Dad asked me about the CL-415.

Seeing as how we are Canadian and well there is a lot of snow this year it seemed like a good plane to have.

We even considered buying one or two from HK but I laughed when the shipping costs were double the cost of the plane.

So over the holidays I'm going to scratch build a pair.

Actually might use the 48 project as a test bed because I think I can make this plane with removable wing pods and a removable haul. Meaning it can convert over to grass landings in the spring.

Design rules:

  • The plane must be able to taxi, take off and land in all snow conditions.
  • Easy access to the battery.
  • Fly cleanly.
  • Fit in the trunk of my car so 48" wing and 32-36" body.

I'm going to using my loved 1000 KVM motors and 9x5 triple blade props.
Might order some 8x4's from HK as well.

A friend actually has the HK plane so I've asked for a few basic measurements.

Found this drawing online. Which really highlights the simplicity of the design.
CL-415 3 View.jpg

This should be interesting.


Fly yes... land no.
Gonna get in trouble for being on the computer tonight ;)

I resized the photo to have a 48" wing. Body is more or less 36" which is perfect.
Wing is about 6.5" deep.
Body 4.5" wide, 5.5" tall and so on. Feels very similar to the first version I did of the AJR-48 plane.
5" wide body and so. Very heavy plane which flew horribly.
So might take some design cues from my last 2 planes and thin it out a touch.

On a semi funny note. I got a call from my Dad today.
He was flying his training this morning -21C and had a rough landing.
His plane got stuck in the snow… Heck of a hike he said with the snow well over his knees.

So the need for this plane is sort of urgent hehe.

Merry Christmas everyone. Or happy holidays ;)
Stay warm and fly safe.

Andre,...Wow! you are really ambitious! the paint is hardly dry on the Cub trainer and your starting another build already!! I have no doubt you will pull this off without a hitch, your bomber is a good example of big body twin engine platform. Can't wait to see your progress!

Merry Christmas!!!!


Fly yes... land no.
Thanks NewZee :)

Merry Christmas as well.

I'm going to use the 48 to be the test bed for this plane.

My family banded together and got me a FatShark for Christmas. Entry level Teleporter V3 but I'm not complaining.
Fits my mantra for this hobby. Simple/cost effective and very transportable.

I'd considered FPV earlier on when I was flying the YC plane but the idea of dragging even more kit around not appealing.

So I admit I'm excited about the Fat Shark. Heck the whole TX setup is 100g lighter then my GoPro 960. And I can use the camera to record on a MicroSD at the same time (bought one today on sale. 16gb for 8$ so tiny).

Many things changing all at once :)