No free lunch


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I'm posting this as a reminder to myself and others who already know, but sometimes forget and a warning to others.

If a price seems to good to be true than there is something wrong, or You get what you pay for.

Last month while surfing around Amazon I happened on a 30amp ESC for $4.95 / shipping included. The catch was it was from China and would take 3-6 weeks to arrive. It's winter here and I'm in no rush. Some new sellers on Amazon, seeking to gain good reviews, offer things a very good prices from time to time. I hoped this was one of those times and since I was only $4.95 it was no big risk. Plus I buy through Amazon using credit card which gives me a second layer of protection about my purchases, as well as an additional 5%% off.

The arrived yesterday, weeks before I expected it, and on the basis of looks looked on Red shrink wrap covering, tag said SImon30amp.

This afternoon I ordered on a battery connector and bullet connectors to test it on the bench. When I plugged it in to Bing the receiver anew everything seemed fine. Then I attached the motor, a small motor that only requires a 20 amp esc.
When I plugged in the battery, with the motor connected to the ESC,,, instant white smoke. Throttle was at 0.
It only lasted about 2 seconds before it was fried.

I'm not worried about my $4.95. I expect a refund, eventually. But it's a good r e minder to buy from reputable vendors and that sometimes at inexpensive item isn't inexpensive at all.