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Nutball 35MHz controller, will it work?

Hi! I'm completely new to this hobby and are planning on making my absolute first airplane, the Flite Test-style Nutball. The thing is that I have a simple RC airplane controller I got when I bought my first airplane. It's a 4-channel controller, and it is using 35,08MHz. I want to use this controller because I don't want to spend money on a new one if I don't have to. But in the article for the Nutball (http://flitetest.com/articles/nutball_scratch_build), Flite Test are recommending this reciver:
It is an 2,4MHz reciver, so I guess it wont work with my controller. But when I searched around on HobbyKing I found this reciver:
So my question is, will it work exactly like the 2,4MHz reciver? And what is the exact difference between a 2,4MHz reciver and a 35,08MHz reciver, more then it will work with different remotes/controllers? As you may note I know nothing about this, but I hope someone can answer me. If it helps, the channel is 68. I'm sorry if my english was hard to read, I'm swedish :)

Sincerely, Patrik




Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
As long as you have a 4 channel 35,08MHz receiver to match the transmitter you have then it will work great for the Nutball.