Odd Whining/Buzzing Sound from Day Old Motor - Needs Replaced?

Can I repair my motor, or should I just replace it?

  • It's an easy fix, I posted details.

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Hey all! Bought my first multirotor yesterday, a Blade Nano QX. I'm having a lot of fun crashing it around my living room.

After about a day (and probably upwards of 100 crashes, although at 18 grams the crashes are pretty uneventful), one of my motors is making a loud buzzing/humming noise. It goes off balance to the left (I'm correctly calibrating it on a flat surface). I can correct it by calibrating the controller way to the right, but then any change in yaw causes it to corkscrew to the ground.

I noticed if I flick or blow on the other 3 props, they spin up easily and gradually slow down, but this 4th one I have to blow very hard or flick it to get it to turn, and it stops very abruptly compared to the others. I took the prop off and cleaned the carpet fuzz off, changed the prop, and checked to see if the cam looked bent, but it doesn't seem to have helped.

Is there a next step to fixing it or do I need to buy a new motor, and if so, are motors typically proprietary to the company or is there a generic way of describing a particular motor so I can find replacement parts?



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Sounds like the prop shaft is bent or you destroyed a bearing somewhere. Just replace the motor, They're super cheap and you don't even have to solder anything! I just order my nano parts from amazon since I have prime— you'll find them if you search for nano qx on it.


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Make sure there is not any type of string in between the motor and prop. mine did that and it was carpet junk and hair wrapped around the shaft