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openpilot vehicle setup wizard not working?

This is my first quadcopter with anything other than a kk2 flight controller andi finally found a download for openpilot because thats what is etched on the bottom of the flight controller. then after a while i got the flight controller to be recognized by openpilot. the only problem is that when i click the vehicle setup wizard on the welcome screen nothing happens! it highlights when i hover over it but when i click on it nothing happens. help?


Junior Member
try reflashing the firmware, if not try using librepilot. same as openpilot just slightly changed after no more openpilot

which flight controller are you using? which firmware?


Some guy in the desert
OpenPilot is dead so not going to get much support/help with it anymore. I'd suggest dRonin or LibrePilot. Personally I prefer dRonin which is a fork of TauLabs which forked from OpenPilot about 4 years ago. LibrePilot is where most of the devs still working on OpenPilot ended up when that project imploded last year.