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Other hobbies!

In just curious what everyone else's other hobbies are. Me, I am a motor head. I'm building a drift truck that's also my daily driver. I build reptile cages, below is my personal one for my 5ft redtail boa. I have a breeding group of Crested Geckos. I go surfing and paddleboarding every chance I get. I do a little bit of fishing and that's about it.



Old and Bold RC PILOT
My hobbies are numerous. Given time and the funds I do boat building, mechanical repairs including small engine repair, Building maintenance for the elderly, (No charge), making wooden toys for children, (rocking horses etc).

Basically I love to build and repair almost anything!

Have fun!
This is kind of a fun one! Neat to read about your other lives! lol

Growing up on a ranch I never realized how many "Hobbies" I had... It was only when I was stationed in California back in the day that I began to notice...

You know people take their "4x4's" out just to find places to get stuck for no reason? Here its fixing fence in the river breaks, feeding cows in the winter, checking on calves in storms, looking for strays, Heck this spring just trying to get to the highway was a feat most 4x4's only dream of...

We still ride horses, grew up doing that. Just part of the job! Did you know there are people who pay good money just to go poke around on some old nag for a day? Who knew?

We always have a rifle in the truck, never know when you'll jump one of those pesky coyotes, not to mention the darn prairie dogs (of course, this one is often more fun than real work... ;)

I also ride a dirt bike a lot, great way to check rough country! I can't recall one time that I've ridden it just for pleasure...

So I don't feel the need to include the "Off Roading" "Horseback Riding" or "Dirt biking" in my list of hobbies (although the guns might be a little of both... ;))

My actual hobby (aside from RC stuff) would be Sailing
Learned to sail in Cali. I was even getting a skippers license at one point to live in the Caribbean but thats a whole separate story! I still own a sailboat and I actually hope to have a chance this summer to combine both my hobbies and get some cool videos in the process!