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OV-10 Bronco Motor choices


Active member
I am planning on scratch building an OV-10 per Sponz' plans. I have the following motors available to me:

2812-1534 kv uses 7x6 props

HK 2826-1000 kv using 9 inch props

I either case planning on 2 x 30 Amp ESCs and 2200 mAh battery

Which would be the better choice for the Bronco?



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i have this on my build list as well. i think the 9" props may be a bit big for the build, not for your motors, but for the build. may look a little big for "scale."

i plan on using 2x Multistar 2213-980kv motors w/ a 20A esc and 7x4x3 blade props with a 3S-2200. i have used this motor/esc on a FT Cub with a 8" prop and it does really well, so i think 2 of them on the Bronco will be perfect.

good luck with the build. i have mine printed but haven't tiled them yet.


me :cool: