Playing around with Instamorph (Polymorph)


After watching the FT "Face Off" video, I became intrigued by the idea of using Polymorph to make a mounting clip for my GoPro on my new FPV Wing.

A bit of a search on Google told me down here in Australia it is called "Instamorph" and was available for a very reasonable $11 per 100g at my local JayCar electronics store. So off I went to get some...

I had my first go tonight and I have to say it really is awesome stuff! It's pretty easy to work with, molds very well and cuts easily. Here are some pics of my first GoPro clip attempt...

2013-12-17 20.52.35-960.jpg 2013-12-17 20.52.42-960.jpg 2013-12-17 20.53.27-960.jpg

If anyone else is thinking of giving it a go, I did learn a few lessons along the way...
  • Don't use a plastic container to melt the pellets, this stuff REALLY sticks - use a mug or glass jar instead.
  • If you are going to roll it out into a sheet, keep moving it around so it doesn't stick to the work surface (or use something like a glass board).
  • Cutting it when rolled thin is very easy if you use a sharp knife and cut whilst it is still a bit soft and translucent.
  • If you want to stick two bits together (like a second lamination for reinforcement) you need to re-soften BOTH pieces or the bond won't be so good.

Anyway, going to mount this in the wing over the next couple of days to see how it goes...



I like the look of Sugru! Might give that a go in the future too.
The Polymorph seems to be strong enough for the job, even at only 2 or 3mm thick. I did add a second lamination just to be sure but I think it is up to the task. It isn't totally rigid, but then I guess I don't want it to be or else it wouldn't flex to allow the GoPro to clip in. Might make it a bit more crash proof as well.

The proof will be in the flying I suppose. Watch this space!


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I've used Instamorph a little, mostly for repair. Once I used it to attach the 9x antenna to the Tx module so that it was removable. When I initially formed the connection, it wasn't that solid, but when I reheated it with a flameless butane torch, it really adhered to the plastic and it became a very solid connection.


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It is fantastic stuff isn't it! I bought some online from which is based in Canberra ($40 for 1kg and fast shipping - how could I resist!...) and am finding heaps of uses for it.

Thanks for the tip re. Jaycar. Handy to know there are local shops in Aus supplying this stuff!