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Plea for help: Newbie scratch builder trying to get in the air

I am loving the Flitetest website and am really inspired by the amazing models and available plans.
I have built a MiniArrow and acquired the necessary components (listed below) including a transmitter and reciever. I got the servos working but have been having difficulty with my motor jittering/stuttering and established that the esc probably needs reprogramming. Earlier I came across the programming card and saw on Youtube that this should be a helpful device for my esc troubles but can't find any info explaining where I need the red tabs to go for my setup. Any info would be gratefully received. I am desperate to get in the air!
Options available to me on the HobbyKing esc disc are as below

Timing - auto, 7/22, 22-30
Rotation - Normal, Reverse (my understanding this is not important as connection can be reversed)
Batt protect - 2.8v/50%, 3.0v/65%, 3.2v/65%
Protect type - Reduce, Stop
Brake - on, off
Start - Very soft, soft, start acc
Batt helic - Lipo (I know this one)

Motor and esc details below if they help

Item name :2204 2300KV Brushless with 6045 3 Leaves Propellers
White resistance: ≤4mΩ
Speed: 2300KV ± 5%

3cell 11.1v

BEC: 5v/3A
LIPO: 2-4s

Thanks for looking :)


Eternal Student
Have you calibrated the ESC? With the prop off, turn on your Tx and set full throttle. Plug in the ESC and wait for the beeps. Then set 0 throttle. More beeps and you should be good to go.
I haven't seen the need to program an esc yet so my answer might be slightly off. However each esc I have tried has worked with each motor I attached it to. And my esc selection is not exactly a scientific process.
ElecticSean is correct that you need to calibrate the esc to the motor but this does not require a program card. Btw programing cards are esc spicific at least as to brand and the flashware they run.
I had one experience when a motor sputtered as your describing, after searching around this forum and reading of another lost soul with the same troubles I checked the wires and wider joints connecting the esc to the motor. I found a bad (broken) soder connection where a wire attached to the esc board. After resodering it all was well. Check your 3 wires from the esc to the connectors and from connectors to motor. Check carefully the bullet connectors themselves. If possible check for continuity with a multi meter as well.