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please help naze 32 acro problem


Junior Member
so I use to fly cc3d but way to many problems so I switched to naze32 It is awesome in angle and horizon mode but when I go in to manual mode or rate as you will say forward is backwards left is right but the throttle and yaw are correct I have searched the web for help but no any thing im flying a qav250 with simokk12amp esc fxc 1806 motors naze 32 acro 3s 1300 mah battery

any help would be appreciated also if any one has some settings I can try im pretty advanced pilot would like some fast rolls and flips thank you


Senior Member
im pretty shure it flys good till I flip it to rate then its all backwards except throttle and yaw
I can't think of a single thing in the Naze that would do this (although I'm not an expert on the depths of the Naze). My first instinct would be to look at the transmitter configuration first.

Go to the "Receiver" tab in your configurator and look at which way the channels move when you move your sticks. Up and Right should make the channel value higher, and vice versa. Since things are working correctly in Attitude mode, this should be what you see in that mode. Then switch to Angle mode and see if they still move the same direction.

If the channels always move in the correct direction regardless of mode, then the transmitter and receiver are working correctly. If the channels move in the incorrect direction, the transmitter is not configured correctly.


Senior Member
bad board new one works flawlessly does any one know charpo pid settings or mildly aggressive pids
The PIDs are really tied to the motor/ESC/prop/frame combo that you have. I have seen pitch/roll P values as high as 5 or 6 and as low as 2 or 3. If you know somebody who has your exact setup, you could start there.