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Post your best flying videos!


Wake up! Time to fly!
Wow Oz you got mad skills mate. Subbed your channel so maybe I can slow that all down and train my brain to think like that.
NewBeeDrone AcroBee V2

The thumbnail is a little late for Easter, but the kid's Easter baskets were still laying around and the colors on this AcroBee makes me think of Easter eggs....having some fun with the AcroBee:

- Dustin


Wake up! Time to fly!
That's just wrong on sooo many levels. You must have to have ocular implants or something to be able to see that thing that accurately to do stuff like that. That's a TON of practice time just doing that over and over to be able to be that repetitive and steady. Simply amazing the skills you have. Remind me to stand next to you at FFO so maybe some of that will leach off into my fingers.