Power pack B w/ included prop in pusher configuration


I just built my first plane - an Explorer - and bought power pack B to go with it. I believe that the included 9x4.5 prop should be installed with numbers facing forward (which is backwards onto the motor shaft). Unfortunately, in that direction the props don't slide all the way down the shaft - bind where the threads end. This makes it so the included nylon nut doesn't have enough threads to fully engage. Do these props need to be reamed out a bit to fit in the pusher direction, or is it okay to mount it further out with fewer threads? Maybe I'm missing a better solution?

Numbers facing backwards from direction of travel it fits...

Numbers facing forward, it does not...


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The B pack should have come with two props. CW and CCW prop. You still want the pusher motor spinning CCW as you look at it from the rear, but you want the CW prop, with the number facing the direction of flight.


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You can just use the nut to pull the prop down onto the shaft. It'll be a bear to get off, but it will pull down. You'll need to grab the can with a set of channel locks. I use some scrap leather to wrap the can so the jaws don't tear it up. You'll also have to run the motor CW. Not really a big deal. Just check the prop nut for tight every flight.

FT sells a very nice set of motor pliers with rubber jaws for this purpose. One day I'll get a pair.