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prop motor combinations you have used

It would be nice to have a listing of different prop/motor combination that have been used and how they worked. I am buying motors and props for the new planes, but don't know what to buy. In the videos it seems that sometimes they use a different prop/motor combination then is suggested. There are different suppliers for motors also, and it would be nice if people said what motor from where worked for them. I buy and have bought from HobbyKing and RCTimer. There are so many different combinations that could be bought and I am new to electrics.
Thanks for any replies to this posting.
I useheadshobby up for a refrence as well. It tells the specs for motor, esc, and prop.

Here is a guideline to help you pick motor size. Not all motors are rated the same either btw.

70-90 watts/lb. Trainer and slow flying aerobatic models.

90-110 watts/lb. Sport aerobatic and fast flying scale models.

110-130 watts/lb. advanced aerobatic and high speed models

130-150 watts/lb. Lightly loaded 3D models and ducted fans.

150-200+ watts/lb. Unlimited performance 3D models.

I haven't read enough on this forum yet to know if there is a complete explanation on electronics for people starting out
so i found one from another forum that I am on.

I've been looking for a good setup for my Baby Blender. I have been running a 1650 kv motor, it's what I had on hand. Today I had three different sizes of batteries with me. 1.3, 1.6 and 2.2 ah. I was using a 9x4 prop. This would be my third time flying off the sim so forgive my noobish statements. I was flying in 10 mph wind gusts. The 1300 mah and 1600 mah batts were ok for flying but the wind did still push it around a bit. The 2200 mah flew the best for me. I really like the BB and I want to get a good feeling for how to fly one plane before trying another. I didn't get much out of the rudder, I don't know what anyone else thinks about the rudder on the BB.
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Flynn - if you're not gettting enough rudder control for your liking, you might try moving the pushrod in toward the control surface one hole at a time. This will increase the amount of deflection on the control surface for the same about of input from the servo.

As for battery performance, what you may be seeing there is the effect of increasing the overall weight of the plane - providing better wind penetration (or so I'm led to believe). Are all 3 of your batteries the same number of cells (i.e. the same voltage rating)? If so, then they should all provide roughly the same power from the motor (barring vastly different 'C' ratings) but the larger capacity batteries will allow you longer flights.

Apologies if this is all stuff you already know. Based on your comment about being new, I'm presuming that this may be new to you as well.

As for the OP, I also like HeadsUpHobby.com. They have a remarkable amount of info on motor/prop combos, but it's not all in one place, if that's what you're looking for.
Thanks for the info Snardo. I'll try that with the rudder. All my batts are the same 3s and all 25c. The first motor I tried was a smaller one and takeoff took about 7/8 throttle with the same 1300 mah. I got a suppo on order, park 370 1450 kv, I'll try that and see how that goes.


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I've currently got a DT750 with a 10*4.5 SF prop on my FT Racer build and this runs well for a trainer, not too fast but enough power to make it capable and easy to launch.

How does a D2826- 2200Kv with 8x4 APC prop sound for this plane? I've got them on order and wanted to know what you guys thought of the combo.


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That's the hope, and I didn't want to go with a small prop (like a 5x5 or 6x5) because the fuselage is so big on this thing it would barely pass any air if the prop was too small. The 10x4.5 that's on now looks like it's a good size but it's a slow fly and not nearly quick enough.

We'll just have to test and find out!
My FT Bloody Wonder flies just fine and quite fast with a Dynam A21 motor and a 8*4 or 9*5 prop.

Using the 9*5 prop the motor and ESC get warm. But that motor on a Dynam I Can Fly plane swings a 9*5 prop out of the box......And the Dynam power package that has that motor a ESC and servos is a great value. On sale over christmas it can be had for around 20 dollars.
I'm using a NTM 28 26 1200kv motor wih a 9X6 prop on my spitfire and it flys great! no problem overheating my plush 25 ESC or my 1300mAh 30c batteries.
Hi Guys! New to the forums here, but feel following FT for quite a while. I've been flying for a little bit, mainly small park fllyers. I've decided to jump into the scratch builds as I think building is half the fun of the RC world. I've have plans to start the FT Racer build and am looking for some suggestions on motor / combos. I've searched the forums and found some info, but nothing is jumping out at me. I'm planning to run the Turnigy Plush 30a with 2200 3s lipo. I'm not looking to break the sound barrier :) but was something that has the power when needed. response and control is more what i'm looking for.

Thanks for any assistance you experts can recommend!

Do not put an 8x4 prop on that motor unless you want it to self destruct. That motor, if it's from HK and I am assuming it is, on a 3s battery is recommended for a 6x4, on a 2s 7x4. An 8x4 would put your amp draw way past the limit for this motor.
I know from personal experience that the 2826-6 2200kv will handle a 7x4 on 3s if you keep your power settings conservative, the odd burst is ok with lots of cool down time in between. 50 - 70% throttle that little motor will go all day on a 3s but an 8x4 I think that you'll just burn it up. Just my opinion mind, WJ.


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I love the idea of this thread so I thought I'd add one combo of mine. When I first got into this hobby I was naive and bought a 2150KV ANX Floater Jet replacement motor. My thinking was the higher the KV the better. It actually worked reasonably well for the application I was using it with. I'm not positive on the prop that came with that plane, I think it was a 7 x 3. But I do know that the motor works well with a 5x5 prop, 3cell battery, and a 30amp ESC. My motor got hot with a 20amp and eventually burnt out that smaller ESC. I don't have a watt meter, so I don't know what amps that it actually draws. However, I've noticed with that motor and a 5x5 prop, it's practically useless with a 2cell battery. Works great with a 3cell and since it's a 5x5 prop, it's fast. Due to it's speed, I stopped using the motor. The only prop I've really had luck with is the 5x5 prop on it.

I'm really adding this to the list partly as a warning that it's not a good motor if you want to fly slow at all. But if you want something fast, then it might be a great way to go. I will also mention that the motor mount has the screws at a weird spacing. They don't line up with either set of holes on the FT Firewall.


According to a the static thrust calculator that I like to use, the 2cell is only 6oz of thrust, and the 3cell is 15oz. The estimated top speed with the 3cell is 111mph.
Thanks for the info Snardo. I'll try that with the rudder. All my batts are the same 3s and all 25c. The first motor I tried was a smaller one and takeoff took about 7/8 throttle with the same 1300 mah. I got a suppo on order, park 370 1450 kv, I'll try that and see how that goes.
or just move the CG aft a bit....OOOOHHHHH sure the plane will fly like crap but that rudder will be sensitive as all get out! ;)