prop size limits


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so this is what I have and I would like to know the size limits of props I can use.

motor: 3536 1470kv D-power
ESC: 50A
battery: 4s 6000 mah 60c
battery 2: 2s 5200 mah

So what is the longest diameter prop I would be able to use with this motor?
What size multi-blade (3 or 4-blade) prop would I be able to use with it?
where can I find such info out for myself?


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...where can I find such info out for myself?
From the motor merchant. If the seller fails to provide it, find a different seller.

Each motor has a Kv rating, that is the rpms per volt. The higher the Kv and/or the more volts the faster the motor spins. The faster a motor spins the smaller the prop it can handle. Prop and voltage recommendations may come in a range, the larger prop is for the lower voltage and the smaller prop is for the higher voltage.


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That 1400kv motor will be most comfy on 8" props give or take. The motor is the bottleneck in that kit, the ESC and battery can supply something like a 1000kv with a 10x5 or 9x6 prop.


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How big a prop will depend on how close to the limits of the motor, ESC or battery you want to go.
As an example you could put on a prop that caused the motor to take the full 50A limit of the ESC, that would be about 1200w on 6s, but you would run the risk if the ESC was substandard in any way or lacked cooling it would likely fail at any time. A 20% headroom (40A in your case) is normally recommend

I note for example the PROPDRIVE v2 3536 1400KV is recommended for only 3 or 4s. With a 6s it would have to turn a turn a much smaller prop to keep within the motor's 45A limit, likely less than 8". Such a set up would be an inefficient way of creating thrust.

Props with the same diameter and pitch can absorb different amounts of power. The only way to be sure is to buy a Wattmeter so you can tell in real time what amps the motor is actually taking and more important if you can see the amps are rising up to the limit of anything you can stop before something is permanently damaged. The specified limits are there for a reason.