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Quad + fpv= problems plz help


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Hello. I am a bit new at this, and Im having a bit of an issue:

trying to run fpv gear on my quad everything seems fine till I get just a little ways away maybe 100ft, probably less, when I lose all control and my quadcopter falls from the sky till it regains signal. ive only flown it 4-5 times with the fpv setup on it (mainly because last time it didnt regain signal till it was 5ft off the ground and burred itself in the dirt). what am i doing wrong here my setup:

x666 frame
kk2.1 board
turnigy 30amp escs
zippy compact 4000mah 25c lipo
1000kv motors
hobbyking hk-t4a v2 tx and rx

and for the fpv:

900mhz system
cloverleaf antennas
standard board camera
running off of its own 1000amp lipo

i did mount the fpv setup fairly close to my rx on my frame (less then 4inches away) but I didnt think they would effect each other since one is 900mhz and the other is 2.4ghz. I did get a turnigy 9x tx and rx just havent flown it since (raining for the last three days)

please help!!
How far can you get without the FPV gear? I would recommend trying to mount the FPV gear further from you RX, checking you antennas are both let handed, and make sure nothing else is flying on the same frequency, or something else is using the 900mhz frequency as well. Also, what country are you in? That way I can cross check all of the frequencies used within your country.


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without the fpv gear I can get a good deal away, id say the limit of the transmitter. too far away for me to have orientation safely, the only way i know is because I flew it straight up once till it lost signal. no one else was near me at the time, I live in a rural part of america on a pretty good sized farm, also I am the only one into this stuff that I know haha. and I made sure that both my antennas were left handed.


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Do you have any pictures of your setup? Sounds like you're getting interference off the FPV system -- it may be way off frequency, but if it's really loud and really close, the control RX may be nearly deaf.


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Thats what I was hoping it was at this point, it is really close on there, I dont have much room to work with on this haha. I have already started building a platform under it suspended by thick cable, which will hold fpv gear and battery and stuff. do you happen to know how far away these two should be from each other?

My Quad.jpg


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yeah, not a lot of space . . .

a wavelength for 2.4GHz is about 5", and 900Mhz is about 13". If you can get the full 13", you'll be out of the transmitter's near-field region (the area around an antenna where the waves are being formed -- with weird effects). Also might want to keep the control antenna away from your ESC leads -- they're not the main source of noise (according to your symptoms), but they're not helping.

If you've got a "rarely crash" command of your quad, you could run a dowel out behind the craft and mount the cloverleaf out on the end.
i lost signal on one of mine and didnt properly set FAIL/SAFE , crashed :( . Well my rx antenna was being block with all this carbon fiber on quad i needed a diversity antenna or satellite


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it took me sooo long to work out that the 9x receiver was locking out due to my fpv setup, i bought the $50 frsky set and haven't looked back :) no lockouts, beeps when you get low range... so cheap too! had my first good FPV flights today :)