Proof read my quadcopter build please!


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Hi guys so im planning my first scratch quadcopter build after toying around with a small quad for a while and I now want something to get some aerial footage of the world with my gopro!
Im hoping to keep this build cheapish and here is what I'm planning to get so far:

Motors- Multistar 2213 935kv 2213

Props- 10x4.5 carbon fiber props

Flight control board- OpenPilot CC3D

ESC- Afro Slim 20A (with SimonK firmware)

Battery- Any suggestions for a compatible cheap but good quality battery that will provide at least 7-10 minutes flight time would be greatly appreciated.

Question about receivers.. If I have a 4-6 ch transmitter already, will any cheap receiver connect to it and do the job? Or does it have to be the same brand etc.. ( sorry for noob question)

and finally the frame im planning on making from aluminium myself.

Thanks in advance!!
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Start with plastic props they are much safer, and the extra performance isn't noticeable to a beginner. Get a 2200mah 3s.


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You won't need a receiver from the same brand necessarily, but it has to talk the same language as your transmitter.

If you told us your transmitter we could recommend some receivers.

As far as battery goes, I would put a 2200-5000mah 3s on that build

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Billy did it....
and finally the frame im planning on making from aluminium myself.

Which is fine, have done a few myself and have enjoyed every minute of it. But maybe make it your second build.

For a beginner setup, HK has some cheap, durable, screw together frames that would get you in the air quicker. And last a bit longer.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a hit on your craftsmanship. Just want to save you some learning steps that I went thru.

Some suggestions....