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Quadcopter Will Not Take Off?


Junior Member
I got a 'SkyTech M62' qudcopter for xmas and its fun everybody in the family played with it but this morning i woke up went to play with it and it wont take off. I put the throttel to full power and all the propellers spin fast but it wont come off the ground. I really want to fly it but this just keeps happing. I know the battery is fully charged but I can'y use it now so I will be very greatfull if someone helpt me.



Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
If your batteries are fully charged . . .

Check your props. are any damaged? Have you removed them? (if so, are you sure they're back on in the right positions? Are they blowing down when spinning?)

Check around the motor shafts -- do any have hair/thread/grass/cat hair/shag carpeting wrapped around them?


Junior Member
not damaged replaced the propellers. never taken apart, my cosin has got it caught in my sisters hair before but im sure i have got it all out, it was flying fine after it got tangled in hair but could the hair only affect it now and how would i get it out ?


Junior Member
I have taken the propellers off and i beleve 1 or two motors / rotors (what ever one) is bent a little and not going fas enouth and somethimes not at all its all working fine when i hold it upsidedown can i fix the motors / rotors if so how, if i cant can i have a link to the same ones witch i can buy thankyou !! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(