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I've been flying for a while now with an eachine wizard, quanum cyclops and a flysky fsi6 TX.

I now have an opportunity to spend around another £100 on the hobby, but I can't figure out where my priorities lay. The two choices I've narrowed it down to is to A) upgrade my TX to a taranis Qx7, or B) build a second budget quad (UAV futures has a great $99 build that i could start a plan from and customise).

I just can't decide if my money is better spent improving what I have, or getting me a second quad, so that WHEN I crash and put one on the bench, I have another to fly.

I know it's my own decision to make, but I sure could use some others opinions so I can try to formulate my own.

Thanks all!


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Personally, I'd go with a second quad. I have 3 supposed 'daily drivers' but it's pretty rare that even 2 are fully operational at any given time. The Taranis is a fantastic radio, but there's nothing wrong with Flysky either.
Really depends upon what you want. For 2 years I only ever had 1 quad and never once really took any damage to it. If you aren't constantly slamming into things at 100% throttle, I'd ay you don't need another quad unless you want one.

If I were you I'd upgrade to the Taranis, even though it will cost you probably closer to $150 after shipping and receiver. The FrSky link is rock solid and the telemetry, especially the LUA script feature is sick. I've never had a QX7, but I do have an X9D+ and never could ask for anything more. 2 of my friends flew the FlySky systems when they first got in, and 1 actually blew his quad up due to a failsafe that sent his quad full throttle into the ground and them wouldn't turn the motors off. They both have since upgraded to the X9D+ and said that the transmitter fell was night and day and will never go back to cheap radios.

Another solid option would be to build a different size quad. While the 5" stuff is great for ripping, some of the smaller stuff can be fun just to fly around your yard, assuming you don't have a huge yard that you fly your Wizard in. I nice thing with the 2 inch quads is that they are really hard to break as they are so tiny and have so little mass. They are also really easy to just throw into a bag and take with you.

I don't see a point in having 2 identical quads as you can only fly 1 at a time. Unless you are having some epic crashes, or doing hard core racing, 1 quad should suffice.



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Thanks guys, that's helpful.

Edit: I have ordered a qx7. Should be here tomorrow.
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Thanks guys, that's helpful.

Edit: I have ordered a qx7. Should be here tomorrow.

Awesome, good choice in my opinion.

Just wanted to add one more thing for anyone else who stumbles across this post with the same question: As a MultiGP chapter organizer, I can say those who have cheap equipment are REALLY hard to fit into races and can often mess up the flow of the event. FlySky radios seem to have a really hard time correctly entering failsafe mode which can be a hazard. Also, if thinking of getting a new vTx, DO NOT SKIMP! Many people see the cheap $20 vTx and don't think there is much of a difference, but they can easily destroy everyone's signal when they plug in.

In general, I would recommend building up a set of really good quality RF gear before spending on new quads/upgrades to quads, etc.