Question about radio protocols, specific Flysky i-bus...


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So I'm pretty new to this hobby. I have built and flown one plane and I want to move into the world of quads too. I am planning on buying a Gremlin kit and building it myself but I have hit a small snag.

My radio is a Flysky i-6x. This radio is equipped with PPM or i-bus protocols. The flight controller that comes with the Gremlin, the Femto F3, says it has an s-bus and PPM connection. Now I know that s-bus and i-bus are not straight interchangeable. However, the Femto can be programmed using BetaFlight which has an i-bus option. Does this mean that the flight controller is i-bus compatible as long as you change the protocol using BetaFlight? Or is the compatibility more dependent on the controller itself?

Does protocol compatibility depend more on the hardware rather than the software? For example, if the hardware is only PPM, PWM, and s-bus compatible, it doesn't matter how many options the software has, those are the only 3 protocol options.

TL;DR Can I use Flysky i-bus protocol with an EMAX Femto F3 flight controller?

Thanks for the help!