Radiomaster tx16s & FT Aura 5 lite board


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Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone has any experience setting up the Radiomaster TX16s wit an FT Aura 5 lite board. I am wondering if I should use Spektrum or FR Sky satellite receivers. I know I have a bunch of different forms I can use, but was curious if anyone has setup this system. If you have any input, would greatly appreciate it.



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The Aura does not care which receiver you use which one is easier for you to set up the receiver.


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(And make sure the receiver can do serial connection, not PWM. So SRXL, SBUS, IBUS.... I have a TX16s, and personally my philosophy on which brand of receiver is "What one is cheapest?"

I'd probably want to use an XM+ or R-XSR if I was going to install an Aura 5. Or a FlySky FS-IA6B, that might be the cheapest option.