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Radios and Receivers for Robotics Program


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I am a teacher at a junior high and high school in rural Oregon (Oakridge Junior Senior High School) and have recently started 2 Robotics classes last year. My student base is considered very high poverty and I wanted to start a program for my students that they would never get the opportunity to work with electronics and robots and a lot of student were not being reached with tradition teaching methods so I though of starting a hands on robotics program and they are excelling. (The class is getting bigger each month from the student interest. In fact another student asked me today to join) Students are now working as hard as they can in all classes so they can be a part of the class! Last year during class the students created 3D printers from scratch in teams from recycled parts and two kits that were donated from the generosity of people from around the country. They also created robots to compete in their own battle-bots competition that most of the school got to watch. This year I am working to get the students introduced to rc and the creation of robots from recycled parts (So far about 45 students total in the two classes). I wanted to share my love of rc with my students, but I am running into a problem in that I don't have enough radios and receivers for my students to complete their projects.
I am currently looking for any radio/receiver or even esc/motors anyone would be willing to donate for the program. I know a lot of people have the spectrum bnf radios laying around... We are not picky and would be grateful for anything, Thank you for your time and if you are interesting in donating anything to the school robotic's program you can pm me and I will send you the address.

Here is a link to the most recent project 3 of my students are taking on with a generously donated OpenROV from a grant I applied for...https://openexplorer.com/expedition/...V/view/6000087 They plan to dive in the local lakes to find possible artifacts including a sunken float plane and logging train that sunk on ferry.

Another group is working on a 7ft by 4ft by 3ft build area 3D printer that is built from 3D printed parts and recycled materials. It is so big that they plan to try and make car parts from it as well as larger robot parts for their projects. They also are going to print off a prosthetic leg for our custodian's dog who lost a leg while running out in front of a car. They have the vest to mount the prosthetic and will be printing as soon as the calibration is done on the large printer.

Thanks for your time.