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RC plane + 4th of July sparklers?


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Yes, this is probably a really bad idea, but... 4th of July is just around the corner and I feel like if I don't try this I would be kinda disappointed in myself. So if you've tried this before or want to try this or think this is a awful idea then I would love to here your thoughts.



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I think you have a potential safety and liability issue :) What about something like this? https://www.extremeglow.com/store/p/336-CUSTOMIZED-Fiber-Optic-Wand.aspx
Yeah, I did think about that. I have a big enough field far enough from people hopefully that won't be a problem. I'll definitely bring a fire extinguisher and will fly slow and far away from people. The way I think about it, its defiantly safer than doing sky lanterns in the fact that I have control over the airplanes direction. I am planning to do led's in the plane wing as well.


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I have some roman candles that just might make a flight, I have some timed fuse to use to ignite them after take off.

Not fun being safe all the time and they get shot off from the ground all the time with out any incidence.


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I'll likely just fly an American flag and maybe some red, white, and blue streamers from one of my planes.

We already have one wildfire here in the Tucson area that has been burning for over 2 weeks. The air outside is starting to look like the typical Southern California summer afternoon.


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I'm going to try dropping these Rocket Copters. Working on something to drop them a second apart vs all together which might be fun too. Then drop two dozen from a monster plane. A dozen under each wing.
I personally owned this, until I needed a part inside of it for something else, but it worked, provided certain conditions were met: 1: range sucks! not more than 100' or so.
it's the cheapest option, there are a number of more on Amazon, many over $100! Seems it woudn't be terribly difficult to fabricobble some sort of release, or ever better, an electric fuse sequenced with your release to actuate a second or 2 later! Electric fuse, think model Estes rockets, they sell electric fuses ready made to ignite their rockets. at over $1/ea it is easy enough to make your own: take some very very fine wire, like what's inside of twist ties holding your bag of bread closed, cut the head off a match ant bend your wire in half, glue match head where wire is bent (the bend in the wire is now a weak point, so it will get hot and red and blow first, when running sufficient current through it. Dip wire bent, glued match head in melted wax, this will provide a bit of fuel once the wire blows igniting your match head as well as provide a modicum of waterproofing. Make a few of these, experimenting with what is the lowest voltage possible wherein your wire still confligrates. Lowest possible means a bit of a delay, keep that in mind working out your release sequence. In lieu of fireworks, have you ever overwhelmed a capacitor? reverse polarity or too much current it goes up like a ladyfinger, firecracker, m80,... depending on the size of the capacitor and load attacking it. Someone mentioned a roman candle, I like the idea of using this as a sort of machine gun, Ohh, this could be great fun, disposable aircraft fireworks battle! it could be done over a body of water! Airplanes and drones, I live in Bothell, WA a bit NE of seattle, anyone nearby want in on this? Perhaps I'll figure soomething out and create an event