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Recommandations for a n00b

Hi, guys! Big fan here. I'm a n00bie when it comes to flying rc model aircrafts. My limited experience it's with a second-hand quadcopter which I've bought last year from a rc-flohmarkt in Germany(I'm from Romania,btw). Last time when I've tried to fly my quad it was all good, but the big mistake was that I've flown the quad over a river and on a windy day. I've almost crashed into the river, but luckly I've used the RTH flight mode in order to avoid a big loss. Damages were on props and apparently two ESCs were busted (they spin the motors only when I'm pushing the throttle stick more than 50% which is not good).
Well, because I have some problems with the finances, I can't affort to buy new ESCs yet and I was thinking that it would be a good idea to try to build and fly a fixed wing foamy.
I have laying around 3 LiPos 3s from 3000 to 4000mAh 25-35C from the quadcopter, some 9047 props, 4x 2212 930kv motors(as exchange parts for quadcopter), one 2212 1200kv motor, a 30A esc+bec from BG, a 40A esc + bec (i don't know the brand, but it's from HK) and some 9G servos. As a tx-rx system, I'm using FS i6 with ia6 and ia6B rxs. I also have an Eachine monitor w/ 5.8ghz receiver inside and an eachine fpv camera with a 600mW 5.8ghz transmitter.
Can anyone help me choose a right design for a foam build rc plane capable of slow flying and training based on my prop-motor-esc-battery configuration? Thanks alot!


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Buona diminatsa Andre.

Thank you for thendetailed intro and question. Pesonally I am a fan if the FT Explorer style airframe and find it versatile whenit comes to motors and LiPo's. Maybe there will be some other suggestions that will also work. The FT Explorer style plane is what I learned on. It's a forgiving airframe that can take a beating and is still fun for the experienced pilot.

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