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Remington Burnelli 2 (RB-2) "Flying Camper" by FoamyDM

Remington Burnelli 2 (RB-2) "Flying Camper" by FoamyDM 1.0

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FoamyDM submitted a new resource:

Remington Brunelli 2 by FoamyDM - Build your own model of one of the earliest lifting body biplanes

The Remington Brunelli 2- "Flying Camper"

Bring the piece of history to life and watch it float through the air.
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In the 1920's this early airliner design was used as a mobile car showroom! Now you can build one of your own.

Like all biplanes of the post WWI era, this balance is short coupled. With a large lifting surface, this plane will be a workhorse of your fleet for all sorts of cargo drop/parachute fun.

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