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FTFC20 Remington Burnelli 2 designed by FoamyDM and Jpot1


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Awesome build man! Unique plane for sure, love any oddball airframe with history...

Looks like she might be kinda tail heavy still. Where does she balance at?
Thank you @Hondo76251 ! History she does have. Should I get this flying more reliably, I will be sure to put in some accouterments. such as an internal camera, and a matchbox for true historic effect:
(the 1925 Essex was one the first affordable enclosed automobiles.)

Tailheavy - that is possible. after 3 years, I am still trying to figure out what Tail heavy looks like. :confused: (I've gotten better) Check the Vid @3.21, it is about a 3/8" behind the wheels. I will put some weight behind the firewalls, next flight, or a slightly heavier battery. I know I'm close.
The Flight:
Let's take apart those three seconds. First I have to gun it to taxi properly, so the motors are pulling hard. once it leaves the ground it lifts up and I adjust throttle, so I don't flip here. Then down elevator it levels out and I throttle back up. I punched back in a good amount, and it leveled out and I tried to find the down elevator that would allow me to try for more time. next, Port wingtip dipped, and it started to turn. I eased throttle and I tried to correct. first with the roll, then up elevator, but too late. I might be able to cobble together another flight before too long.


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I do a ton of off the cuff scratch building, sometimes it feels more art than science! Lol I usually just wing it (pun intended) I've never put plans together like you did, I'm not smart enough! That would take me longer to do than building the plane! 😅

Just looking at the pics its a little hard to say exactly where it should be (especially with that lifting body) but I have a hunch that its probably a lot closer to the leading edge than one would think, especially after looking at the video and reading your flight description. Something with that much lift should float into the air without much drama (although a lot of bi planes and short coupled planes can be a little sensitive on the elevator)


Building Fool-Flying Noob
@Hondo76251 That was part of my expectation too with the CG. However, the guy who made the balsa plans showed it near halfway between struts.
Either way it is no longer backflipping.

If I didn't work with Cadd tools daily, I wouldn't draw much up either... But lunch tends to see twiddled thumbs, so instead I plan up a dream. Then I set the rest of the time trying to work toward destroying it.