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RF9 & FlySky FMS Problems.

I'm trying to use an FSIA6X with the FMS dongle and RF9.

I have verified that my radio is outputting 8 PPM signals from the two sticks and four switches.

The dongle LED stays in fast blink mode the whole time.

Linux recognizes the dongle as a 5 channel 3 button joystick -- but only the four stick channels work, on 1/2/3/5.

(Windows) Realflight also only recognizes the four stick channels... and won't let me calibrate them without the other channels being present. So it's unflyable.

Anyone tried this? It says it supports 4-8 channels. Then again it also says it supports "Wondows" and the domain with the drivers expired....

[edit] I was able to calibrate it using the windows system dialog, which also showed channels 1235 and no toggles.
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I am not sure on Flysky but for my Devo7 and Taranis the sims I have will only see each channel if they are set to 50% throw and 50% weight. Other wise they are out of the parameter limits for what the sims see. Flysky and spectrum both I believe default the 4 axis channels to about 75% of other manufacturers which is probably why those are being detected.