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Scratch Built Giant Super Sportster Idea

I really want a giant super sportster, but being a fourteen year old who can't get a job I can't afford it. I have a regular sized nitro airplane similar to the sportster, but i want a BIG one! Since I can't afford the Great Planes ARF model I'm going to design one to be built using dollar tree foam board.

This project was inspired by Flite Test and Mesa RC. I will be posting this article on RC groups and the Flite Test forums.

I decided to take the measurements of my smaller one and double them. The wing will be 106" by 20"
I have sort of designed the wing. I still need to design the ailerons, spar and servo holes/ tubes and do a few more things. See attached for screenshot!

The way these plans work are the red is where the foam sheets are separated, the black is the outline, cuts, folds and general design and the blue is where the ribs go.

One of the ribs is shown on the bottom. The ribs will be applied to the bottom section (rectangle) and then the top section will be glued and folded on top. Each completed wing section will be either glued or screwed together depending on how it turns out and how strong it is. I will use some broomstick handles as spars and joiners I will cut the ends at angles in strategic points and glue them together to produce the dihedral.

I have just included a screenshot, but once I get closer to completion I will release the actual files.

If anyone can offer me some advice on the brushless motor selection or on the design of this aircraft I would greatly appreciate that.

Thanks for reading!

Broomstick link:



Master member
I think that broomstick is more strength than this plane will need. You'll just be adding more weight you'll have to lift into the air. A forward and rear spar 3/4" tall by 1/4" wide would probably be more than enough strength for this plane. Lighter than your broomstick, and still overkill.