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Scratchbuilt C-82 Packet cargo plane.

I am looking for some ideas for the C-82 Packet I built. Mostly how to attach the rear cargo doors. I'm not sure how to do it. I need to build something to latch it in place. Right now the planes "rears doors" are just a 1 piece "plane butt". I tape it in place to fly and remove them completely to do aerial drops. It works fine but I'm considering adding panel lines and dullcote. That will stop me from using the tape method. I have considered magnets and velcro, but I'm worried about how they will hold up as the rear is just foam and reinforcements can get in the way of the cargo coming out cleanly. Any ideas or advice?

I would love to split the rear in 2 and have removable clamshell doors but I am not sure how to do that in a light, strong, secure manner. Anyone ever done something similar?

I'm also looking for some ideas on what to drop. We have dropped a 1/32 diecast bug with a parachute a few times. The next drop is an SCX24 crawler with the fat shark camera on it. The plane cruises at 40% throttle so it has the power to carry some weight.

A little about the plane, it is basically a Guinea Pig that has been modified to resemble the C-82. It is made from dollar tree foam board exclusively, with the exception of the wing spar, nose wheel box and tail booms. Those are the heavier Hobby lobby fb. It was built with white gorilla glue and has carbon fiber spars in the tail surfaces plus a 1/2 hardwood spar in the wings. Its covered in Monokote and is powered by the twin c pack. This plane is a tank yet still flys like a trainer.