Selling Electronics to Help Get More People into the hobby!!

SSgt Duramax

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Hey everyone! I'm downsizing my 36 plane fleet and have a lot of electronics to share! Check out my thread in the marketplace. I just wanted to repost here so that more people can see!
Thats a great idea. I have a few people wanting to learn to fly and i am going to build about 4 trainers for them to provide some "motivation" All they will need to do is buy a rx/tx and it will be good to go. As close to a dtfb PNF as you can get.


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That’s awesome! Always good to see people helping make this hobby approachable for newcomers. Thanks for sharing!


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I am a little busy at the moment with my essays for, but I am very interested in buying some electronics for airplanes. By the way, I really like your YouTube channel. keep it up!
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SSgt Duramax

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Just as an update, I was the one that bought some of these electronics, and I have given away 2 planes already! I keep hoping they will join the forums but they haven't yet. I gave away a scout and a kadet!