Show idea for heavy lift with the Guinea Pig andothers


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I'm relaying this message for my 11 year old son, Mason Oleniczak (pronounced Oh-len-e-check) who is a HUGE fan of the show and airplanes.

I am a big fan and thought it would be cool if you did a challenge to see how much weight the Big Guinea Pig can lift?

Also, when are you going to do a review on the Dromida Voyager? It would be cool if you made floats for the Simple Storch. I would definitely buy them!

One more question, will Peter Sripol be at Flite Fest 2017 in Ohio? I'm a big fan!

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They haven't done any challenge episodes in a while. I'd love to see weight lifting episode. Pick their best 3 and see which can lift the most. Minus the kraken that is. A new speed challenge would be nice too, been a few years.


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I agree with kdobson83 Flite test hasn't done any challenges in a long time. well, basically since peter sripol was working with Flite test I know I recently suggested a challenge with brushed motors and NI-Mh batteries but so far proved unfruitful, kinda sad no big projects have been going on since the flugtag episodes
and, Cowboyway your suggestion sounds interesting.


I'd be happy to send a Guinea Pig spar PDB at no charge to Flite Test and/or the first person (in the continental US) who will take on this challenge and show us the results. I still have a few of my first-round prototypes laying around. I know it can support the full 55 lb. FAA weight limit for model airplanes, so wing strength shouldn't be the limiting factor.


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I'm kind of disappointed with the lack of challanges too, but at least there is the macro quad! I want them to make a b-17 out of those massive agricultural drone motors.
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My take on a heavy lift challenge would perhaps be a bit different with very simple rules.
No limitation on plane size, weight or power plant, other than any national limits, be RC with the ability to take off unaided (no trolley), fly for at least 3 minutes and touch down within 25 meters from the point of the start of the take off run and come to rest undamaged.
The exercise to be flown twice, empty and with a removable load. in either order using the same unmodified plane.

The winner would be the plane that showed the biggest weight difference ratio between the two flights.


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I remember they did a video once a long time ago where they managed to get a cinder block to fly.

I wonder if that challenge could be repeated, but instead of a cinder block as the ballast, use a car battery and then also power the motor from it. Would be kind of interesting to see if they could pull it off.