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Show Idea...Space!


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Hello Guys,
I had an idea for a project....FPV from SPACE (or near space). I searched Youtube and sure enough David tried it already. After watching the video, he has experience and I have a feeling he would like to land a little closer to home. This would be an epic challange, hope you try it.


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Welcome to the forum! Hope we can help you out sometime!

David has said that he isn't doing this again. The bureaucratic hoops he needed to jump through for each attempt (there were a few), were fairly strict and each attempt took quite a bit of planning and logistics and in the end, tended to suck the fun out of it.


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That's too bad. I thought it would be interesting to test a return to launch autonomous system while tracking it on Google maps. I'll bet they could get it sponsored by whatever flight system goes up.

And maybe the sponsor can do the hoop jumping. ;)
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