1. ramarao

    GEOBAT Rc Plane Build and Maiden video

  2. FlyingTyger

    Plane Tiny Twister 1.0

    Tiny Twister A micro fun-fly design for 3mm foam construction Span: 18" RTF weight of prototype: 74 grams Components used in prototype: Motor - Hobbyking 5g, 2000kv outrunner with a 5x3 prop Battery - 2 cell, 300mah LiPo ESC/Rx - Spektrum brushless ESC/Rx brick Servos - Spektrum linear servos...
  3. ramarao

    Diy slowfly rc plane build

    Hi this my new scratch build rc plane. 1200mm wing span i used to 5mm depron. electronics: 1000kv motor 30A esc 1300mah 3s battery 10inch slowfly prop
  4. ergomir

    C-27J Spartan _ Scratchbuild

    Hi guys/gals: I want to show you this plane i made from Scratch, a C-27J Spartan, i hope you like it and find the step by step interesting. Here is the first flight: But before i get to that, this was the process: The plane was made with a full cargo deck free of any obstacle in mind, so...
  5. cdfigueredo

    SBD Dauntless from scratch (Scale looking)

    Hey, guys, I've been out of the hobby for a while, and it's time to come back. This time I'm going to go for my first really scale looking project, or at least something close to it. These are some images that I found on the internet of the plastic kits with a really amazing finish. Of course...
  6. cdfigueredo

    Tundra RC from scratch

    Hi, guys! For some time now I have been watching various threads of STOL aircraft building. I love the way the FT Simple Storch and FT Bushwacker fly, but I like the way real STOL planes looks. I'm a lover of scale model airplanes, even I haven't built one yet. Then, after my biloute trainer...
  7. tollesding

    Tom Stanton inspired FPV trainer

    Hello everyone, Today is all about a soild bank n yank trainer i been building several times now. It is inspired by Tom Stantons built, where he used the 3d printet ribs. That means the plane has a pusher configuration which gives it the capibility to go FPV. I always built it with taped over...
  8. hockeychris26

    6mm White Depron

    Hello all, I am selling my excess hobby grade depron. I have about 4 cases of 6x700x1000mm all from Each case has 20 sheets and I am selling each case for $100 ( plus shipping). I am trying to get rid of this stuff before I head back to college so I don't leave my poor mom with a...
  9. BSquared18

    Depron Foam or What? I'm Confused

    Hi, Concerning the three-pack of swappable planes, the Flite-Test store website says, "... all laser-cut from 5mm paper reinforced depron foam." However, I've read at the RCGroups forums ("Where to get Depron now in the U.S.?") that the maker of Depron products is getting out of the modeling...
  10. Archimedian

    DC-3 with suspension and split flaps DTFB

    WORKING SHOCK ABSORBERS Lets get to it. The plans for the fuselage and wing come from . They were 2 dollars and were quite comprehensive. While numerous changes were made, the plans were invaluable to the final form. Wingspan 55" RTF weight 850grams Motor 1900kv ESC 12a...
  11. M

    MY J-20 RC Model needs your attention

    Hi, This is my first handmade j-20 RC model in the attachment(In Process). I made the pieces by joining 2 Depron sheets each of 3mm in thickness using Hot Glue gun. I want to fly it over 80mph:p. I have the following Questions? 1: Hot Glue has more weight and I'm using it alot both on joining...
  12. TurtlesThatFly

    Super simple toilet paper roll foamboard b-52 stratofortress

    Hello fellow Flitetesters! This is a foamboard B-52 that I am working on. I had a thread in the Electric Fixed-Wing section of the Electric Flight forum, but I realized this is a better place to post this. So here it is! Intended to be Depron, this B-52 is aimed to become a simple design that...
  13. elicottero78

    Hello from Italy

    Hello, i am a person who likes to fly and cnc machines, laser co2.
  14. P

    3mm Depron

    The design I'm currently working on is a powered glider (think tiny trainer +30%) but using the EA 'armin' wing design and hence my question... Would it be possible to use 3mm Depron rather than the 5mm or 6mm most FT and Youtube designs suggest? I intend on covering the wing with tape AND...
  15. M

    May I get its Dimensions (MF Raptor V2)

    How much Depron sheets (30x20") of 3mm will be required the this mission. As well as the Fastest power system for this dimensions.
  16. T

    Big and slow Foamie

    Hi guys, here is my first scratchbuilt foamie, which I designed and built in 10days. After this succesful testplane, my next project will be more detailed. A 3,5meter / 138inch Cub with about 4-5kg flying weith. I hope you like it ;)
  17. Y

    Foam for UK flyers????

    I've been wanting to build the FT spitfire for a while now but I can't seem to find any foam board in the UK. What is it that people use here? Depron foam is the main thing I have found on Ebay and amazon really.
  18. Bayboos

    FT 3D depron profile

    Hello everybody. This is my first build thread over here, so please be reasonable with your comments :) The background: 1. Light = cheap. 2. I live in a country where 1,2m x 0,8m depron sheet costs less than 10$. EPP foam is almost twice that, and DTFB/FTFB is not available by any means. 3...
  19. W

    FT-22 frame clearance issues with recommended 9x4.7 slow flyer prop

    Hi there, My son and I are doing our first ever FT builds and we decided on building the FT-22 using Depron. Our electronic parts arrived from HK Australia today, and the first thing I noticed was the size of the 9 x 4.7 slow flyer props. I fitted on the wings that I cut over the weekend and...
  20. F

    What to do if your foam sheet has no "protecting paper" on it?

    Hi guys, I'm brazilian and here there is no dollar tree, in other words, the foam here is expensive and hard to find, I bought Depron and it didn't come with that paper on it, I am going to make a FT Mustang and I am afraid of braking it while doing the wing. Do you have any idea of how I should...