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Show your Warbird mods

Hi there Pilots,
Im a big fan of Warbirds and i also like to mod my planes a little. Sometimes because there are to many planes of the same type at the field, and sometimes because its almost as much fun as flying the damn things.
So i wanna encourage you guys to show us your planes, and tell us why and how you modifed it. If its retractable landing gear, flaps, lights, the pilot,the powersetup or just the colorscheme...Just tell us why you changed your plane.

Here one of my mods, i changed my Parkzone P-47D into a B-Version because i put a new coloscheme on one of my buddies planes (a minisize P47B) after he was shot down by an enemy tree not that long ago. It looked so cool so i thought why not turn my Parkzone P-47 into a B-Modell aswell. My new version of the P-47 includes a 25size Motor, bigger ESC, External BES, an 11" 4-bladed prop, a light kit and a new colorscheme of course...cant wait to see what you guy came up with :)

Happy Flying - WarbirdFan66



I frequently mod my warbirds. I have an 800 mm Spitfire from FMS, a 1000 mm Hellcat from Art Tech and a 50 mm Mig from JPowers. Most of my mods entail an unexpected solid object and rapid, unanticipated deceleration. Its amazing how this form of modification alters the stock appearance of my models!

To date, I do have one notable and intentional mod... My HZ Super Cub that is now an L-4 (super) Grasshopper.



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Hi Guys, just about to start a Parkzone Wildcat mod. This is my second airframe of this great plane. First one went south!
First mod, the pilot. I aim to make the plane look cool and am not aiming for perfection, scale or historical accuracy; just a bit of fun :D IMG_0284.JPG
took all of 60mins.. I like the way it looks like it came from the factory painted that way;)
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...Are you planning on only posting one of your mods per week :D We could be here for some time:D...

Thanks man, and i do have one or two other mods in my hangar...but i also wanted to encourage others to post there Planes in here u know. There are a lot of good modelers out there, and by looking at your Wildcatpilot there, im certain i found at least one so far :applause:.
Its really cool checking out other planes, seeing how others changed their models, came up with cool solutions on retracts motor setups, flaps and stuff...you might even find one you can borrow for your own next project...well at least thats the general idea :D
I have seen similar lines on commercial airliners.
Hi, and thanks man, and yes that stuff behind the guns is gunpowder residue. And the stuff on the wings is just dirt. Thats why you have seen it on airliners too. The air is not always that clean, and planes pic up a lot of that stuff if they spend enough hours up there. I dont like it much when a Warbird looks like its fresh out of the factory...this way it looks more like it already had a few combatpatrol :cool:
Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe

Hi there fellow pilots,

well finaly its friday, but because of the bad weather here and because i dont have anything better to do right now :), i put another one on the table.
This time its a fantasy plane...but i think it still counts as a Warbird of some sort. The Original plane is a HobbyKing Falcon Flyingwing wich i turned, for lag of an available/affordable Horten 229, into a Warbird. In this case in the colorscheme of the German Luftwaffe - Afrikakorps style :cool:

finished Falcon Stills 2012-01-18 001_kl 200.jpg finished Falcon Stills 2012-01-18 009_kl 200.jpg finished Falcon Stills 2012-01-18 010_kl 200.jpg finished Falcon Stills 2012-01-18 013_kl 200.jpg finished Falcon Stills 2012-01-18 016_kl 200.jpg

...enjoy, WarbirdFan66 out
The Jug

WarbirdFan66, What did you use for your panel lines? That Jug looks fantastic! I love the bullet holes!!
Thanks man, and the panel lines are airbrushed with a mix or brown and black ink. And i think the bullet holes give it a little bit more realistic touch, did that on the first mod of my P-47D "the Checkmate" too :)

...I hope i will not be the only one posting pics here...