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SketchUp Help

I always wanted to build this plane, I thought about using the GEOBAT design (pictured ), (http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1386754)and mounting the motor the same. single almost mid section.
But since I am new to SketchUp, I have not said so many bad words in 22 yrs, while trying to learn :(, then I thought maybe making 2 nutballs build and connecting them together, but in the end run I would really love to build this Flying Pancake!


Yup lots of good step by step vids online to watch, it would be a tad bit difficult to walk you through in the forums without visual references.
I use InkScape to transform PDF in vectors drawings, it free!
All you need is ti import the PDF and Start to ungroup until its is only lines and curves, if it do not work, just draw over and save as DXF, then import om Sketchup to transform in a 3D draw.