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Some Foam Board Options

It appears that Depron is gradually becoming scarce here in the U.S. I read somewhere that Depron is still being produced but not in the form that we use as modelers. That's the bad news. The good news is that other foam board products are becoming available. And there are some products that we have come to love that are still available if you search around. FliteTest has a new product available called Maker Foam. It comes in two thicknesses: 3/16" and 8.5mm. Why mix fractional and metric measurements? Good question. When you look at the prices remember that you are getting folded sheets 30" x 40" bifold, not 30" x 20". Maker Foam is covered with white paper unlike the water resistant product that is brown. The white paper will certainly take paint better. Once I wrote FliteTest and asked if I could purchase a kit made with white foam board instead of the brown water resistant. The answer was a polite no. Wouldn't you like to have the choice? See more options on the post HERE. Visit my blog with tips and resources for foam board builders HERE.