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Spacewalker balsa build: HobbyKing Sponsored


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Ouch! Painful reminder about thorough pre-flight checks. I've skipped them once, then twice, then it's a dozen times. But eventually it'll be one time too many. Sorry for your loss :cry: but you do have an empty space in the hangar now - and that means room for another plane! :D


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You could fix it FT style with some packing tape and hot glue to get it in the air, then have a spectacular crash to end it with a bang!


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All good sentiments and points guys. I like to keep my electronics in as pristine shape as possible for re-use. Part of my frugality. I did think about trying to fly it as-is... 0.75% of a wing with one aileron and no rudder control. Then I thought better. The airplane had been gutted and I hacked off the tail from the fuselage to mount on my wall as a trophy. Wing was broken in half and put in the garbage can with the other remains. Yes, I know, it COULD have been re-built. I have some many projects on the to-do list that it was just not worth it. It was a fun airplane and I really did have my fun with it.

I'll use the motor and ESC to get my Kyosho Pitts back in the air. The digital HK servos are super nice and I will likely need them in the P-47 build I am currently doing.


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Ya, I know what you mean, I did the same thing with my Taylorcraft when I destroyed it, save the electronics and use them for later.
Hi guys! I have just bought a slightly scaled down (1000mm) version of this spacewalker model. I was just wondering whether the formers that are glued onto e4 are glued onto e4 at a 90 degree angle or parallel to the front half of the plane?
Thanks in advance,
Good question. Neither.
E4 is a slanted "floor" so it is certainly not 90 degrees.
Making it parallel to the front half of the plane is difficult.
What I did here, and in many other locations was to put everything in place then glue it.
Mind you that I concluded my work on this plane a few months ago so I don't remember the specific details, but it seems to me that you will have to:
1. Insert the following parts in E4: C10, C13, C15, C27, A13, A12 but don't glue them yet.
2. Note that these parts are asymmetrical - Make sure that the little holes in these parts are oriented exactly as in the manual.
3. Carefully add one A5 part (e.g. the right side) and make sure all parts are tightly inserted into both E4 and A5.
4. Place the fuselage on its (right) side and put the other A5 tightly in place.
5. If all is exactly in place - glue C10, C13, C15, C27, A13, A12 to E4 (only) while both A5 parts are still attached.
6. You can now carefully dismantle one or both A5 parts and add some glue if necessary, or continue with F7, A12, A4, C7 and other related parts.
Here's a question related to the Landing Gear.

Well, the stock landing gear is really good for perfect landings only. Hard landings always result in a collapse of the thinner, rear part. The good new is that is absorbs the energy and thus saves the wing. The bad news is that it absorbs the the energy by bending rather than by flexing. It is just too thin.

On Wing.jpg

And the question is, what would you do?
Replace? what with? Reinforce? How?
First of all thanks to everyone for this great forum. Hope this is the right spot to ask a question. I am thinking of getting this kit and would like to fit an IC 4S engine rather than elec. What are your thoughts?