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Spacewalker balsa build: HobbyKing Sponsored


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I'll be getting some glamour shots when I have her at the field this weekend.

Thanks TexMechsRobot! Your hollers supporting my work really do go a long way. The YT videos as well as the popularity of the build threads do let the powers that be know that my work is being used and their investment in me is not being underutilized.

Geeto: I had the same feeling when I purchased the Nemesis last year. I flew it once and the landing gear mounts were just not up to par. It happens and honestly, there are bad performers from every company. It just happens. You have to also keep in mind that there has been quite a bit of chatter as of late from Ian that there will be more balsa stuff coming out. They may just be clearing stock and discontinuing for some much better products. That said, I would not let the discounted price of this kit sway you in any way.


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don't get me wrong, being cheaper means I have to fight the impulse to purchase it harder. Kit looks amazing and I happen to love the spacewalker, I just have a lot of airplanes in front of it first. I dunno, maybe I'll buy it this weekend because I have poor self control.

I really wanted their Waco but by the time people started reviewing them they were already discounted and by the time I had the money - poof - gone. I guess my point is: If it's on sale buy it before you miss out (shameless plug).
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I fail to see a problem with that strategy!!! Un-built kits take up very little space! There's always that rainy day when you might need a kit!!
Yes! Or the worry that a kit might go out of production/off sale if you don't stock up on it right away. Better to have a stockpile :)


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Got to love the excitement before a maiden! Looks great! Bad weather will make the wait even harder, but at least you can double and triple check everything...
Or be like me and fiddle with it too much and poke a hole in it somehow...

Looks great Josh. With them colors you should be able to see that very good in this cloudy dreary streak of weather east coast has been under. Good luck with the maiden. Just make sure Spidey wears his scraf so he does not get sick as chilly as it is now.


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Looks like tomorrow will be a decent day for a maiden as well as video. I prefer some clouds when I shoot to give a little bit of sense of speed while in flight. A club member is cutting the grass today and we should be gathering at the field around 9. I'll see where my batteries are this evening. I have been cycling a few to see if I can condition them for a few more flights. That will really determine what I bring for the event. Right now, the Spacewalker, the Hawk, and the Cuda are on the plate. If I can get my 4500 4S packs in better shape I may try to stuff in the B-26 as well.
Nice work Josh! It looks like a good sport flyer.

Be careful with moving the CG; if it requires no down pressure when inverted, you can't be too far off. Much further back might make it squirrelly.

Just picked up a Spacewalker kit at the HK warehouse. I've been looking at the plans and going through your build pictures. You show laminating the F-16 and A2 parts for the hatch front former but what is F-15 and where is it used? It's on the same sheet as F-16 but I can't find it anywhere on the plans. Did you find a use for it? Thanks for the build discussion! PS this is my fourth HK laser cut kit. They're not bad, especially for the price. Things generally fit well.


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Good question. After reviewing the manual I cannot find the part in the assembly. There are a few parts that are carryover from previous revisions and this may be one of them. There ARE excess parts cut which can seem unnerving. Kind of like left over screws after a repair of some sort.

As you read through the entire build you will find tips like this but for the most part, the instructions cover the majority of the build quite well. Feel free to post updates to your build here!
More info on S3

Been following your great tutorial on the spacewalker. But im confused about the placement of S3.
I cant seem to find a place for it, nor is there any pictures. Maybe an extra picture, or explination would be appreciated.
Thanks Dave Elwood


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Sometimes there are parts that just do not have a home. I believe S3 is one of them. Let me check...

walks to the shop, grabs the manual, examines, comes back to computer...

Ahhh yes... I remember this now...

Post #53 has your answer. I get that this is a bit of a long thread now that the build is over but sometimes we miss things. All good, brother. They are for the wing bolt filler. See the post and look what I did. No holes in them but it would have been a nice touch.
@willsonman - you have created an awesome discussion. I stumbled upon it as I was completing the cowl so the cowl had to be completed without your aid.
The Wings are being done using your comments and this has been very helpful.
I wander if you can elaborate on the detachment of the ailerons and the way they are built.
I don't really see how G4, 4xS1 and B7 can form an aileron that has freedom to move. Perhaps you have an image that display this detail?
Thanks a lot.