Speed build kit gone awry


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So I had an FT Sparrow for a day.
And I had an FT Simple Scout for a while.
And I had a Simple Scout I scratch built to mess about with things.

I took the sparrow out today and wasn't a big fan.
When I got home I looked at my very crashed scout and my scratch built garbage fire scout, an assortment of foam board, my three good 5g servos, and my collection of pusher props.

...so I reversed the thrust angle in the power pod on the Simple Scout and spun the motor clockwise so I can hang a pusher on the front because it's that or an 11" park flier prop and.... no.

That seemed okay so I chopped some other stuff up and decided I'd rather bank & yank than fool with rudders, and hacked the tail off it to make one rudderless (and ugly, hoooo boy she ugly).

Then there was the pile of popsicle sticks and an FT sparrow wing just SITTING THERE...
So I dug the parts box out and scabbed some ailerons onto the Scout wing, stuck some popsicle sticks on the fuselage and kind of eyeballed them straight-ish, and now I'm gonna eyeball the angle of incidence on the upper wing real close, add a doubler in the back and get wacky with the hot glue.


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Of note.
I fully expect this thing to fly like a brick/burn the motor up/all of the above.
Gonna be a good time.


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Had a good time, finally got it into the air after moving the upper wing back quite a bit and adding a bunch of weight to the nose. It flies like absolute garbage and is basically a comedy show because you never know when it's gonna dip a wing and just eat dirt with a vengeance.
Hopefully I haven't ruined the motor, and later on I can put it on a foam chuck glider or something.
Time to recover the electronics and put this one on the shelf for now.