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Spektrum DX5E

Hello all. I am ordering a Spektrum DX5E transmitter. I did some research and saw that a few years ago, these transmitters had an issue with the power switch. Tapping the outer casing would make them lose connectivity. Now, I am good with a soldering iron and can fix easily, but does anyone know if Spektrum has since addressed this issue?
I haven't seen any new posts about people having power issues with these. I would rather not rip open the transmitter and re-wire a new switch if they have already resolved the issue. And, no...I don't want to buy a higher end transmitter...the DX5E is all I will ever need, and I am on a strict budget.
Thanks for any info!!


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If by chance they have not fixed the issue with the switch taking the back cover off is no big deal. If you are going to adjust the stick tension on the gimbals you will be pulling off the back cover anyway. All the switches are accessible from there so maybe for piece of mind just resolder or check to be sure the connections are nice and shiny like a good solder joint should be.